Klaviyo's Informational Feature Announcement

January 29, 2018
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Klaviyo is an email and social campaign marketing tool for e-commerce. They provide easy-to-use segmentation and campaign-building capabilities, as well as powerful analytics that help their customers identify who's clicking, who's browsing and who's buying. 

Before their latest announcement, Klaviyo users didn't have a great consolidated/visual representation of their marketing flows, making it more difficult than necessary to build a strategic campaign. Being a codeless and user-friendly tool, they needed to push this even further. Their newest feature, Flows, solves this and is shown to a user via an informational modal window that pops up after login.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The modal window addresses the who, what, where, and why of its purpose, without going overboard. The importance of creating flows is emphasized for any marketing automation strategy.
  • Klaviyo points users to where they can learn more, allowing them to explore at their own pace. Users can go into the Flows page on the left-hand dashboard, or go to a Help Center, linked in the window, for more information.
  • Imagining what a Flow in Klaviyo might look like could be difficult, so they solve this by placing a screenshot in the modal window. Users can get a glimpse of the conditional nature that Flows are based on, as well as get an immediate concrete example of how to use them.

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