Zenefits' Fully Functional Demo Account Intro

July 5, 2017
Modal windows

HR Platform Zenefits gives users tools to manage employee, payroll, and compliance aspects of their company from a centralized place. The vast array of tools and options available can make the app seem daunting at first. But Zenefits has found a great way to ease first-time users into a variety of complex functions.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The demo account allows users to explore the app's capabilities without having to invest time upfront to build up their team in an app they're not sure yet they'll adopt.
  • It also offers users a safe learning environment where they can “click around” without worrying about messing up their company's docs in the process.
  • The modal window lets them know that they can start building their real account at any moment without sounding sales-y or pushy.