Nike's Gamified UX

July 20, 2017
Mobile app

‘Game-ifying’ your product can help boost user engagement and retention. Allowing your users to relish in their in-app achievements, as well as providing them goals to work toward is a great way to game-ify your user experience. Let's check out how Nike does it: 

Achievements tooltip



The achievements tooltip encourages users to explore the details of their accomplishments. We like this feature because it plays to a users natural tendency to seek the fruits of their labor.

Trophies and goals



Here, you can see badge-icons of your previous accomplishments, as well as the goals you are given to work toward. We like this screen because it provides a game-ified sense of both fulfillment and motivation at the same time. As humans, we naturally want to collect as many trophies as we can, so having clearly set goals is helpful.

Instant gratification 


“Record smashed” is an awesome full-screen modal to see after a long run. Nike provides users with instant gratification after completing an objective, or setting a new personal record. We like this modal because it makes users feel accomplished and proud of themselves, a surefire way to promote good UX.


Similarly, bright, eye-catching gratification for running three times in a week is a game-like reward, encouraging users to collect more and more trophy icons. We like this modal because it encourages retention. Perhaps there is a reward for running four times in a week... I will probably never find out.