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Storyboard That's modal windows

Storyboard That is an online platform that allows users to create visual storyboards as an engaging alternative to more traditional forms of communication. They use modal windows to onboard new users, announce features, and keep users engaged in the app. Let's take a look:


What we like: the transparent background here allows users to keep an eye on their end goal, while being provided with useful product information. Plus, the embedded video allows Storyboard That to provide an alternative type of product tour, which users have the option of watching or skipping entirely.

Feature announcements

What we like: this modal is targeted towards users who are already reading the teacher guide, so it hits a specific audience which increases the effectiveness of the message. By implementing segmented messages, Storyboard That converted more than 2x the number of free trial users into paid users.

Keeping users engaged

What we like: a simple modal window that prevents users from avoidable frustration is always a good idea. Your users will thank you.

P.S. If you'd like to learn more about how Storyboard That is improving free trial conversion, user engagement, and overall user experience with in-app messaging, here's a case study. Enjoy!