MailChimp's Real-Time Password Checker

November 29, 2017
User onboarding

One of the most annoying things when creating a new account on any app is getting a password failure messages. Get the highlighted no-go message more than once, and most users are ready to abandon the new app forever. Marketing automation platform MailChimp solves this problem with a straightforward interactive list that delights, rather than frustrates new users.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The list of password rules below the password entry field lets users know exactly what they're supposed to input without having to guess.
  • Items on the list get greyed over in real time as users create their password. This feature not only helps users know how they're doing, but it also adds an element of delight as users strike each item off the list.
  • When users fulfill all the requirements, the list gets replaced by a success message. The emphasis of the copy on the security aspect of the process users just completed boosts their confidence in the app and reassures them that the rules weren't added simply by caprice.