Disqus' Message in the Notification Inbox

December 5, 2017
Product tour

Disqus offers comment hosting as a service on websites across the web. By signing into Disqus, users can see all the messages they've received from others in one, convenient place.

Why this is really good UX:

  • During signup, users must follow at least 3 topics that interest them so Disqus can personalize their experience. That means that when users sign into their new Disqus profile for the first time, they have a lot of interesting and tailored material to explore and enjoy. Rather than interrupting this new experience with a forced product tour, Disqus subtly directs their attention to the Notifications tab with a red note.
  • From the first time users go to their Notifications tab, they have a message to read that explains to them what they can expect from using the app. Rather than presenting users with a blank screen, Disqus pre-populates the area with an onboarding message that gets users in the service right away.
  • The CTA below the message directs users to find interesting discussion, so they can engage with others and begin getting real Notifications in the app.

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