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Comparably's product tour

Comparably is a job market monitoring app. They use modal windows and tooltips to personalize their users product tours. Here's what one looks like: 

Comparably welcomes users with this modal window. Here, we are faced with 3 choices, each leading to a different product tour experience. For our purposes, we chose "Manage My Company's Brand."

What we like: firstly, by asking users how Comparably can help them, they are able to offer a much more personalized product tour with information specific to the users selected use case. Secondly, each tooltip is telling of the purpose and value of each feature. Lastly, Comparably offers a "hide these tips" button which allows users a bit of flexibility and freedom to choose their own navigation pattern. Plus, the highlighted screen area aesthetically and naturally draws user attention to the intended feature without distracting them from the rest of the app.

What could use improvement: without a progress bar, this product tour leaves some question of what users might expect regarding when they can actually begin using the product.